Fisherman rehomed to open way for Ria Formosa 'recovery'

A project to return Faro’s islands to their previous natural state can finally move forwards now that the local council has provided the sole resident of one of the islands with a new home on Faro beach.
The project – launched by Polis Litoral Ria Formosa, requires all the islands’ buildings to be torn down so that the environmental recovery of the Altura, Côco, Cobra, Ramalhete e Ratas and Deserta islands can be carried out
Since the fisherman’s home was located on Ilha Cobra, the council has given the fisherman a new home “with dignifying conditions” close to the sea, a press release from Faro municipal authority states.
The council will help with rent and continue to provide the man support through its Social and Educational Department.
Meantime, the public tender for the project – estimated to be worth approximately €2.2 million – is still ongoing.