Fish stew festival

Visitors to Armação de Pêra this weekend will be able to take part in the 11th Caldeirada, fish stew, festival, which begins today (Friday) and runs until Sunday.

Numerous restaurants in the town will be taking part in the festival, which has been organised by Silves Câmara to promote the traditional fish dish synonymous with Portuguese coastal towns.

The stew, which was originally made to be eaten on board fishing boats as a communal dish, is made up of layers of fish or shellfish with onions, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes and is popular with both local people and visitors alike.

Silves Câmara President, Isabel Soares said: “This is a dish that allows you to enjoy the genuine flavours of the sea, carefully and lovingly combined in this traditional stew.”

As well as being able to enjoy the food, visitors will also be able to watch the traditional Marchas Popular parades pass through the town on Sunday along Avenida do Rio at 10pm.

For further information, please call Silves Câmara on 282 440 800