First under-30s Covid death: young man from Bangladesh ‘with two underlying pathologies’

Portugal has registered its first ‘Covid death’ in a patient under the age of 30.

The 29-year-old from Bangladesh had two underlying pathologies – one of them being high blood pressure – say reports.

A resident of Lisbon, news of his death came as Portugal registered its lowest death toll for weeks – an increase in the latest 24-hour period of just 11 patients, eight of them over the age of 70 (seven in their 80s).

As Portugal marks day two out of lockdown, DGS health authority advice is that we can now look forward to ‘family occasions’ where we meet and share meals with relatives, as long as ‘necessary precautions’ stay in place.

Warned deputy health director Diogo Cruz, we can’t behave like we did before, but we can start widening our social circles as long as we keep to rules of social distancing.

Portugal currently has 25,702 cases of people confirmed positive with the virus – 1,074 of whom have died. Numbers in hospital are well below capacity, and numbers in intensive care have been consistently falling. Concerns however are for the next two weeks in which the country is cautiously coming out of lockdown and seeing shops everywhere start to open. What happens this month remains key to how much the country can open in June.

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