First time in Lagoa – oh yes it was!.jpg

First time in Lagoa – oh yes it was!

THIS YEAR, The Algarveans gave us a choice of venue for the pantomime – either Lagos or Lagoa. The choice of the Lagoa Auditorium was extremely well received and each performance at both venues was a sell-out. As well as opening up to a new market in the centre of the Algarve, the Lagoa venue offered acoustics which were second-to-none and the seating was comfortable.

Dick Turpin was extremely well directed by Jenny Grainer and the younger members of the cast were commended on their staying power in what was a lengthy production.

Dick Turpin – an unusual character for pantomime – was well played by Nicki Weijdon, who, in the end, won the heart of Lady Caroline played by Kathy Morrison.

Jim Rose, who over the years has played some great roles in The Algarveans’ pantomime offerings, was this year Dame Dollop. Jim brought his usual dry sense of humour to the stage, even at one point involving Trish Delderfield, the long-suffering prompt, in the act and, in good pantomime tradition, Dame Dollop married Lord Lotaloot (Tony Sanders).

And never to be outdone, Lloyd Delderfield and Chrissie Spencer were two policemen (no surprise there). Lloyd’s impersonation of the two-tone horn of police cars and Chrissie’s fetching flashing blue-light-encrusted helmet brought the house down.

Sîan Hughes-Roberts was love struck Katie Cuddlesome (it must have been something to do with the mask), but eventually found happiness with Billy Bumpkin (Paul Capper) who was tried for impersonation by John Havery who played the convincing Judge.

The man of two-parts Desmond Briggs played the villain (booh, hiss) Mr X and Parson Goodfellow. Desmond had a lot to remember and he gave great performances as both diverse characters.  

Of course, each time they appeared, the children stole the show with tremendous dancing, and it was not just the girls. There could certainly be a new Billy Elliott in the making in the Algarve.

Those of us who live in central Algarve look forward to more Algarvean productions in Lagoa!  Thank you to all The Algarveans who appeared on stage and backstage for a great night out. S.D.