First Portuguese baby born to mother infected with Covid-19 “doing well”

The first baby born to a Portuguese mother infected with the new coronavirus Covid-19 is described as “doing well” in Porto’s São João hospital.

Tests on whether or not the little girl is virus-positive came through ‘negative’ hours after her birth.

She was born in the early hours of this morning, as the effects of Covid-19 in newborns – whether or not it can be transmitted via the umbilical cord – are still being studied.

The Lancet medical journal stated last month that there was no evidence the virus could be transferred from mother to embryo or foetus, just as there is nothing known about it passing from mother to child during breastfeeding.

Pregnant women for the time being are encouraged to take all ante-natal advice, along with preventative measures outlined for the population in general.

In the UK however a newborn tested positive for the virus “minutes after being born” although it wasn’t clear exactly when the baby contracted the disease.

Meantime, the latest numbers released at midday today (Tuesday) show a 35% increase in cases, to 448, with another 323 awaiting the results of laboratory testing. Three infected patients have been pronounced ‘recovered’ and discharged. Their progress will continue to be monitored due to the fact that there do appear to be cases of ‘recovered patients’ re-testing positive after a number of weeks.