First day of summer brings thunderstorms, hail, flooding and falling trees

The Algarve is the only part of the country that seems to have escaped the worst of the “freak” June weather.

Areas up north, like Lamego, have suffered all kinds of damage from falling trees in hail, high winds and localised flooding, while thunderstorms have been reported all over the country.

Meteorologists warn the unsettled weather could continue for the next few days, blighting the north and centre.

June 21 is famous for being “the longest day” of the year. The sun rose today at 6.11 and will set at 21.04.

Meantime, mop-up operations from yesterday’s tropical storms in the Lamego area have warned that the downpours will have caused significant damage to this year’s crop of cherries, myrtle barries and vines.

Fires too broke out as a result of lightning strikes, but these were rapidly brought under control.