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First Cupid Group quiz night raises €800 for animals

Following the closure of the Goldra Centre a new group has been formed to raise money for the Donkey Sanctuary in Estombar and the first quiz to raise money for the Cupid Group brought in more than €800 for the charity fund.

The quiz, which involved 50 players, was held at the home of Verna and Philip Kinder, accompanied by food supplied by volunteers which was then followed by a raffle to boost funds further.

The money raised from the quiz, and subsequent events, will be used to initially buy goods and services for the Donkey Sanctuary, which is currently home to nearly 100 dogs as well as cats, mules and donkeys.

A spokesman for the Cupid Group said: “So far, around €1,000 has been used to purchase equipment such as new hoses and also a supply of preventive medicines to protect the animals from infections and making them easier to care for.

“Plans have been prepared for the construction of a new dedicated puppy area to cope with the never ending stream of abandoned puppies, often left at the sanctuary doors.”

The organising committee would like to thank all the competitors and also the many local businesses who support the Cupid Group by supplying raffle prizes.

The next quiz by the Cupid Group will be taking place on September 17, while on September 3 there will be a picnic in support of the Donkey Sanctuary held in the gardens at Poço Barreto.

For further information about the Cupid Group, please call

917 764 885