Firemen injured in Portimão

TWO FIREMEN were seriously injured and nine other people treated in hospital following a fire and explosion at a motorcycle garage in Quatro Estradas, near Alvor, Portimão, on Tuesday.

A PSP spokesman told The Resident: “The fire started around 7am and caused several explosions in the garage, causing serious injury to two firemen.

“The Polícia Judiciária is now investigating the cause of the fire.”

A spokesman from Barlavento hospital told The Resident: “A total of eight firemen, two PSP agents and one civilian were admitted to the emergency room between 8am and 9.30am.”

After receiving assistance at Barlavento hospital, two firemen were transferred by ambulance to São José Hospital in Lisbon for observation. The spokesman said on Wednesday: “The remaining injured victims were sent home yesterday. Only one stayed at Barlavento hospital overnight for observation, but he is due to be released today.”

The injured were all men aged between 19 and 57.

The owner of the garage, Moisés Delgadinho, and his family were all re-housed by Portimão Câmara that same day.

Manuel da Luz, President of Portimão Câmara, went to the scene and said that the authorities were investigating the cause of the incident.

“One theory points to the possibility of a short circuit, which could have cause sparks that set inflammable products alight, but nothing has yet been confirmed,” he said.

Manuel da Luz added that he thinks it is necessary for a law to be passed to avoid these situations occurring in residential areas in the future.

“For this, we would need a law that forbid these establishments near homes” he said.