Firefighters struggle to reach raging Loulé wildfire by land

Authorities have reportedly evacuated the small community of Amendoeira (Loulé) as firefighters continue to struggle to reach the wildfire which has been raging in rural Loulé since early this afternoon.

“The fire is raging in an area which is inaccessible because there are many large stones,” a source from Faro’s district command for rescue operations (CDOS) told Lusa.

The source added that firefighters have also been unable to use dozers due to the difficult terrain, which has prevented forces on the ground from reaching the flames.

Meanwhile, Wendy Frost, administrator of the ‘Algarve Fires Animal Group’ on Facebook, has revealed that authorities have already evacuated Amendoeira in order to keep locals safe.

The Humanitarian Association of the São Brás Volunteer Firefighters has also taken to Facebook to urge citizens to stay away from the affected area, so as to “facilitate mobility” for firefighting forces and “ensure everyone’s safety.”

The association also said that the firefighting efforts are “evolving favourably although the next hours will be crucial to how it develops.”

According to the latest data from the national civil protection agency, the blaze is being battled by 199 firefighters, 58 vehicles and eight planes and helicopters.

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