Firefighters rescue father and son from 20-metre deep well in Figueira

A seven-year-old boy and his father were rescued from a 20-metre deep well by firefighters in Figueira, Portimão on Sunday afternoon (January 7). The father jumped in to keep his son afloat after the boy fell down the well.

The child sustained minor injuries while the father suffered from hypothermia, rescue teams revealed.

“It is impressive. Despite such a large fall, the child only appeared to have minor cuts to his lip,” Portimão’s deputy fire chief Filipe Pinto told Correio da Manhã tabloid, also highlighting the firefighters’ quick response.

“We received the call at 3.45pm and were at the scene by 3.57pm,” he said.

The boy’s rescue took nine minutes while the father’s took 15 minutes. Both received medical assistance on the spot and were taken to Portimão Hospital.

The rescue operation saw firefighters using a throw bag (a rescue device that keeps people afloat) to keep father and son safe until one of the firefighters rappelled down to then lift them to safety.

It involved 22 members of Portimão’s fire department, GNR police and INEM emergency services, aided by 10 vehicles.

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