Firefighters free man from chimney

Firefighters in Lubbock, Texas said they rescued a man who became stuck in his chimney after locking his keys inside of his home on November 29.

Robert Loveless, deputy fire marshal for the Lubbock Fire Department, said the 22-year-old man, whose name was not released, attempted to enter his home through the chimney early Monday while his wife and child waited outside.

The man became stuck in the flue and his wife called 911 just prior to 1.30am.

Firefighters lowered a rope down the chimney and pulled the man back up to the roof.

The deputy chief cautioned against attempting to enter a home through a chimney.

“Even if you would fit down the chimney flue, getting pass the damper assembly is, well, I can’t see anybody getting past that,” Loveless said.