Firefighters “assist” at whelping of pups

Firefighters “assist” at whelping of pups

Firefighters in Vila Nova de Gaia assisted a stray in full whelp last night. But it wasn’t a textbook delivery. The animal apparently took fright after her first pup was born, going on to have the rest of her litter elsewhere. Thus the human delivery team was left, quite literally, holding the baby, which they apparently named “Bombeiro”.

This distinctly shaggy dog story has a rather unsatisfactory end: Bombeiro appears to have lost his mother and been delivered into the hands of the local municipal services.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã says this was the first animal birth for Crestuma fire station.

Seven personnel ‘attended’, said the paper, while a report in Jornal de Madeira explained the firefighters’ presence was due to a party, taking place close to the beach.

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