Firefighters and GNR agent seriously injured in explosive fire in Nelas, Viseu: man arrested

Reports are coming through this afternoon of an explosive fire in Canas de Senhorim Nelas (Viseu) which has left at least six people – five firefighters and one GNR agent – injured, two of them seriously, and has reportedly seen one man arrested.

Over 90 operatives were on the ground as this incident started gaining traction, as well as 10 ambulances and 40 vehicles.

It appears the fire began and was then followed by a series of explosions, inside and outside the property.

The main question at the outset was what caused the explosions, and would more be comnig.

Commentators hinted at possible fatalities, but details were very confusing.

SIC television news reported the incident appears to have been the work of one armed man who had barricaded himself into the property, and has since been arrested.

Civil protection’s Miguel David addressed journalists at around 5.30pm explaining the incident began with the call to a fire in a metalworking warehouse. Various explosions ensued, causing the injuries to firefighters, and one GNR agent.

The situation has developed into a police investigation, he said.

Further updates to come when details become more clear.

It has been confirmed that none of the injuries suffered are considered ‘life threatening’.