Firefighter succumbs to burn injuries

A firefighter who was left severely burnt after combating a fire in Miranda do Douro, in the north of Portugal, succumbed to his injuries in hospital last Sunday.

A resident of Miranda do Douro, the man, who was taken to a Porto hospital with burns covering up to 90% of his body, was aged 45, married with a small child.

Five of his firefighting colleagues also suffered injuries during the fire that broke out in Miranda do Douro on Thursday last week.

Two of the victims are still in hospital, one seriously injured and in a critical condition, having suffered 80% burns to his body, while the other sustained burns to his face and arms but is recovering well, according to hospital sources. The other three firefighters suffered just minor injuries.

A change of wind direction had suddenly engulfed the firefighters who were combating the blaze between Cicouro and São Martinho de Angeira, near the Spanish border, with the flames quickly spreading and reaching the victims.