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Firecheck ensure your house is safe

With new licensing laws stating that all rental properties must have fire protection devices installed in the property, it has never been a better time to ensure your house is properly protected.

Michael Leslie Scott has been renovating bathrooms and kitchens in the Algarve for five years.

After being asked on numerous occasions to install fire protection items such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke alarms in client’s homes, he decided to start a new venture.

Firecheck will install a basic fire kit, which consists of a 2kg fire extinguisher, fire blanket, smoke alarm and a first aid kit for six people, into your home for 150 euros.

The kit comes from a Portuguese supplier and is fully authorised.

It includes everything needed by law to make your home legal to rent in Portugal but it is also vital for all homes to have such devices installed.

“In just one hour the fire kit can be installed into your home,” Michael Leslie Scott said.

“It is important for any home to be protected from the threat of a fire; these are the vital devices people need to have in their homes.”

For more information, please call Michael Leslie Scott on 912 801 437 or by email at [email protected].