Fire prevention in Almancil

Dear Editor,

The fire prevention seminar held in Tavira on April 14 was very informative  and had an interesting outcome. 

The authorities present agreed that EDP distribution cables, if passing through trees, were a potential fire hazard, as was the case in the forest fire, near Quinta do Lago, in August 2012.

Subsequent to contacts made during the seminar, two residents of Almancil, where there are many instances of cables penetrating trees, attended a meeting with GIPS and a senior representative of EDP and agreed a new programme for EDP to clean out dangerous trees.

It was rather disturbing to discover that EDP have attempted to carry out this procedure before but have found that owners of land that dangerous trees were on were refusing access to the trees. It is essential that this work is carried out to prevent future fires and residents of Almancil should without delay advice EDP or GIPS. The telephone number is on their invoice of their location to grant permission for trees to be cleaned.

Rod Summer
By email