Fire in Quinta do Lago

Dear Editor,

It is quite insulting to the residents of the area that no organisation has yet interviewed the two maids that witnessed the start of the fire or the visitor to one of the affected houses that saw the fire within a few minutes of the start. Why has there been no contact from EDP, the GNR, the Civil Police,Infraquinta,Infra Lobo, the Loulé Camara?

Why have EDP reinstalled the cabling to the affected houses in exactly the same place even bothering to distort the new cable under fire damaged dead trees? Why did EDP reinstall the three phase cabling with the phases reversed from the original installation and not check with the owners of affected property if the installation was correct? It would have saved costly damage to electrical equipment. Do EDP have any idea what their responsibilities are to customers? Come to that, do they understand the technical aspects of their work? It seems not.

Who is responsible for an investigation and what is to prevent this happening in many other places? All owners should be pressing the authorities for an answer. Are we faced with continued incompetence or negligence or disinterest? The insurance companies will certainly be after those responsible as should the Government if there is no action.

DOES ANYONE IN AUTHORITY CARE? Is this area really called the Golden Triangle? We are surely about to rename it the Charcoal Triangle.

A brief drive along any road in the area shows that there are dozens of situations where cables pass through large trees threatening the power supplies to many homes and businesses.

I invite the authorities to call a public meeting to explain themselves or are they too afraid to risk fiscal penalties and their reputations?

Rod Sumner

by email