Fire in Monchique

A fire broke out at midday on Sunday, October 2, at the Ribeira de Monchicão in the hills of Monchique.

The fire was extinguished at around 7pm on the same day but surveillance operations will continue because this area is considered a risk area, said the Faro fire fighter Commander Abel Gomes.

Some 128 fire-fighters and 16 members of the Intervention, Protection and Rescue team of the GNR police attended the scene, supported by 45 vehicles and three helicopters.

The incident has caused Monchique Mayor Rui André to ask the Portuguese Minister of Home Affairs, Miguel Macedo, to extend the support to fire fighters in the area until October 15. “If the fire had not been extinguished at that time there could be a danger of spreading in the direction of Caldas de Monchique and Alferce areas, where there are large areas of eucalyptus plantations,” said the Mayor.

The affected area covered about twenty acres, including an apiary containing two dozen hives.

Meanwhile, , Loulé fire fighters went to the premises of Inertegarve recycling company in the Ludo area near Faro on September 30 to deal with a small area that reignited.

A major fire broke out there on September 12 and burned for 11 days.