Fire fighters welcome new vehicles

A new Forest Fire Fighting Vehicle (VFCI) has been delivered to Silves Fire Department to ensure that the area is properly equipped to combat forest fires this summer.

On the day of the delivery, February 19, the Secretary of State for Civil Protection, Vasco Franco, said: “Despite budgetary constraints, we are making all efforts to ensure that the Algarve will have the conditions to fight forest fires this summer. This is fundamental for public safety in the Algarve hills.”

Faro Civil Governor Isilda Gomes, who also attended the ceremony, spoke about Algarve Câmaras becoming involved. “Mayors assume their duties as a Municipal Civil Protection Authority,” said Isilda Gomes. “The delivery of this VFCI is proof of the government’s concern with civil protection.”

A further two VFCI vehicles will shortly be delivered to Olhão and Albufeira fire fighters, as well as an urban fire fighting vehicle to Faro Fire Department and a rural fight fighting vehicle to Lagoa Bombeiros.