Fire fighters acknowledged

More than 300 fire fighters took part in a ceremony in Loulé to mark National Fire Fighter Day on September 11, which was presided over by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Miguel Macedo (pictured left).

The minister referred to the fire fighters as the “heroes of our time” during the ceremony held to recognise the work of the Bombeiros fire fighters.

During the presentation, Miguel Macedo noted that this year (until the end of August) there had been a reduction in the number of fires in comparison to the same period in 2010.

“I want to commend the speed, capacity and professionalism in the intervention of fires not only by the fire fighters but by the whole civil protection system,” said Miguel Macedo, adding that further work still needs to be done to enhance the system on all fronts.

He also announced that a budget of €21 million would be made available but that they would need to “choose the priorities within

the sector”.

“It is important during these times that we choose priorities and manage resources. It is possible, with more money and resources, to get as good or better results in this sector,” said Miguel Macedo.

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