music speakers on the beach

Fines of up to €4,000 for using music speakers on the beach

Local Maritime Police Command must be contacted if speakers “cause discomfort” on beaches under the AMN jurisdiction.

As portable speakers become increasingly popular with beachgoers, complaints are also on the rise, with many asking for the accessories to be banned on beaches.

Questioned by CNN Portugal, the National Maritime Authority (AMN) clarified that: “according to the public beach notice, under the terms of decree-law nº 159/2012, of July 24, in conjunction with the territorial management instruments, in particular the Coastal Programmes (POC) or the Applicable Coastal Orla Plans (POOC), the use of sound equipment and carrying out noise-generating activities that may cause discomfort are prohibited on the beaches”.

“On beaches under the jurisdiction of the AMN, the local command of the Maritime Police must be contacted if there is any inconvenience. The agents must then go to the location and stop the noise”, informed the authority.

Fines may “vary between €200 and €4,000 for individuals and between €2,000 and €36,000 for groups, as stated in Law n.º 50/2006, of August 29, not discarding the possibility of accessory sanctions, such as the confiscation of the object used to commit the infraction”.