Fines introduced for feeding stray animals

FEEDING stray animals is now punishable by a fine in the borough of Peniche. Those caught ‘offending’ will be asked to pay 36 euros. The new measure has been approved by the câmara, but has outraged the majority of the residents. According to the Peniche Câmara, the new legislation has been brought in due to the number of complaints from residents, local police and hospitals, and various Juntas de Freguesia, about attacks and health problems caused particularly by stray dogs.

The action is being taken in conjunction with a campaign to identify stray animals, collect them for a veterinary examination and prepare them for adoption. The câmara hopes to provide better hygiene conditions and increase the safety of the population.

However, many residents in Peniche are up in arms over the fine, claiming that many animals will be left to starve and die. “Giving them food is better than leaving them to die of hunger,” emphasised a local resident who feeds stray cats in the area. More than 100,000 animals are abandoned in Portugal every year.