Finding homes and celebrating heroes

Abandoned animals living on the streets of the Algarve are a common sight and while volunteers and shelters struggle to house as many dogs and cats as possible, the re-homing process is often very difficult.

Film maker Eric Jaspers has set up a new website to help find homes for animals in the region while also taking the opportunity to celebrate some of the “heroes of the Algarve” who dedicate much of their time to helping these animals.

Eric Jaspers said: “I set up the website at the end of April as a way to highlight the problem of abandoned animals in the Algarve while also making an accessible way for people to see some of the animals that need homes.”

He added: “I have done this as my way of helping the animals and the volunteers, the real heroes of the Algarve, who dedicate their time to looking after these animals.”

The SOS 4 Pets website is an ongoing project and Eric Jaspers has said that he is happy to hear from people who have found animals that need new homes to feature on the site.

“I have found that sometimes a film can be the thing that tips people into taking in a new animal. When people see the animal and hear about the stories behind them, they are often more likely to take them in and I would be happy to film new stories to go on the site,” he said.

For further information about SOS 4 Pets, please visit www.sos4pets.com or call Eric Jaspers on 926 029 644.