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Find Madeleine 4

Dear Editor,

What a mean spirited, cynical letter last week from James Marshall who presumes to speak for “most British Algarve residents” and a “majority of expats”.

What evidence does he have that his view is shared by anyone other than his own circle of friends and neighbours and what real evidence does he have for his assertion that Madeleine is “most likely to have died in the apartment” ?

There is no evidence and in the absence of evidence, those of us with a more generous and empathetic disposition (including most of the residents and expats. I know) choose to believe, along with Madeleine’s family, that there is hope that she may one day be found. There are precedents for such a hope: Jaycee Lee Dugard in America, for example, found after 18 years missing.

So it is not “rubbish”  for your paper and others to continue to publish stories and reminders about Madeleine and to keep her in the public’s collective memory, in the hope that one day she is seen and recognised.

What difference does that hope make to Mr. Marshall ? Why does he object so much ?

Ann Telfer

Praia da Luz