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Dear Editor,

I’ve noticed the letter by James Marshall, whoever he is, in last week’s Algarve Resident. What this man says is a big lie, the police have absolutely no evidence at all about any death. Need I remind you that PJ sacked Gonçalo Amaral due to these reasons:

1) No evidence about his unproven theories

2) No body has been found, not a shred of evidence to prove it

3) The extensive search from Praia da Luz residents, expats, tourists, firemen, policemen, etc, during several months found no evidence of body.

4) Gonçalo Amaral wrote a book full of lies, with the true purpose of gaining fame and fortune at the expense of an innocent child, at the expense of innocents parents, whose true objective is to find their daughter, who can still be found alive (the cases of Shawn Hornbeck, Natascha Kampush, Jaycee Dugard prove it).

5) The Portuguese Attorney General of the Republic (aka Pinto Monteiro) admitted himself, with reliable evidences that no death happened, the couple is totally innocent.  

6) The Scotland Yard made a statement with the belief that she is still alive, that Scotland Yard, through Mr. Andy Redwood, is looking for a living, findable Madeleine McCann.  

7) The PJ also admitted that.  

8) Who is more credible? Scotland Yard with years of experience in abduction cases or a person called James Marshall, who doesn’t know anything?

Letters like the one from James Marshall are not welcome.

If James Marshall is fed up about this issue, I advise him not to read about it because this will not go away – I assure you – not until this is solved, not until this child is found, safely returned to her home.

Pedro Silva

By email