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Financial guide updated

THE POPULAR Blevins Franks Financial Guide to Living in Portugal has been republished in a comprehensively updated fourth edition.

This guide is a useful tool for British expatriates living in Portugal, those planning to move to Portugal and anyone purchasing a second home here.

The publishers say that the book has already helped thousands of individuals avoid otherwise expensive pitfalls and is an excellent guide on tax and investment planning for those wishing to ensure their finances are properly structured to avoid unnecessary taxation.

With the crackdown on tax evasion in Portugal, the EU and UK, it is more important than ever to be well advised on tax matters.

The first issue of The Blevins Guide to Living in Portugal was published in 1990. This fourth edition has been extensively updated to ensure its currency as a dependable source of information.

It has almost 200 pages packed with chapters providing all the key information required for living, or owning a property, in Portugal, including: taxation, personal financial and tax planning, residence and leaving the UK, avoiding UK capital gains tax, UN inheritance tax and how it effects expatriates, the Portuguese health system, pensions and Portugal and Foreign exchange.

The guide is available from for nine euros. For further information, please contact Gavin Scott on 289 350 150 or email: [email protected]