Alexandra Rei
The chances of Alexandra Reis maintaining her €500,000 payout look slim. Image: Tiago Petinga/ Lusa

Final IGF reports on TAP golden handshake due to be sent to finance ministry tomorrow

Friday should be the moment the ‘final’ report by the IGF (general inspectorate of finances) is delivered on the legality (or not) of the €500,000 TAP golden handshake paid to an outgoing director who went on to be given two further State postings – the last of which was Secretary of State for finances. It is being tipped as likely to “protect” two of the former political leaders who resigned in the resulting shockwaves (once details of the handshake were leaked to the press), and come down hard on TAP top brass CEO Christine Ourmières-Widener and Manuel Beja. Only tomorrow will tell…