Filthy Friday – services most affected by public sector strike to include waste disposal

Anyone who relishes the idea of not setting the alarm for the school-run on Friday will be delighted by news that schools are almost certainly closing on February 15 in support of the national strike called by public sector workers.

But also affected will be hospitals, health centres, tax offices, council offices and consequently waste-disposal services.

In fact, reports suggest the shut down could start as early as tomorrow (Thursday).

This is the second national strike in the public sector in just four months – the last having been convened in October.

Explain reports, at issue is the fact that the government has not lifted the nine-year freeze on salary increases and career progressions, despite the fact that it has increased the national minimum wage.

This latest strike has been called by the CGTP and UGT syndicates.

CGTP is calling its members out on Friday, UGT on Thursday and Friday. In other words, it is still unclear exactly which services will shutdown tomorrow.

But according to Observador, the greatest impact is likely to be felt in the sectors of health and education.

Writing early this morning, Jornal de Notícias believes “the country really could stop tomorrow and the day after”, with courts, notary offices, airports, sapper crews and the PJ coming on board as well.

JN ‘predicts’ an agitated year though this has already been forecast for some time now.

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