Film studio construction in 2010.jpg

Film studio construction in 2010

The first phase of Picture Portugal, Portimão Câmara’s cinema studios project, is due to begin construction next year, with the first buildings ready for use by January 2011.

The first phase, announced during a meeting earlier this month, will include the construction of five soundproof studios, an outdoor filming area and an area for 60 businesses that are linked to film production, near the Portimão Arena.

According to project manager Artur Curado, the current Abastecedor market in Portimão will have a building with support workshops and a further two for dressing rooms and offices.

There will also be a cinema building, an area for administrative services, editing, special effects, image laboratories and more.

A small backlot area identical to Pinewood studios in the UK will also be built, which it is estimated will cost around 20 million euros.

The next phase of the project is due to see development near the Algarve motor park.

As well as a theme park and technology park, which will cost around three million euros and generate around 7,000 jobs, a large backlot will be built, which could include replicas of the Eiffel towerand the pyramids of Egypt.