Film on Portugal under the troika makes its national début today

It is a three-part “drama” in which director Miguel Gomes promises to redress “the lies of Portugal’s politicians” and show the ravages imposed by the troika.

The national début later today of “A Thousand and One Nights” is getting widespread publicity in national media.

Made up of six-hours of film in which a modern-day Scheherazade recounts real-life stories, the first part, entitled “O inquieto” (The restless), opens today at 11 Portuguese towns.

“O Desolado” (The desolate) follows on September 24, followed by “The Enchanted” in October.

But far from being enchanted, Gomes tells JN that this is a work that means to set the record straight.

After getting its commercial release in Portugal, “As Mil e Um Noites” will be travelling to international festivals in Greece, Spain, Ireland, Germany, UK, Japan and Brazil.

Talking to Lusa, Gomes explained his motivation for the project, saying he wanted to counter the “bad fiction”, “the lies of politicians who make out that everything is fine. This is bad fiction, because it is fiction that is made to pass for reality”, he explains.

Anyone keen to see the full work ahead of its national release timetable, can do so this weekend at Lisbon’s Ideal Cinema.

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