Filling the gap

An announcement from BMI baby airline owners IAG last month confirmed that the entire fleet will be grounded from September following a long term financial struggle.

In addition, selected routes by the low cost airline have also come to a halt from June 1.

Filling in the air spaces left by BMI baby, airliners Monarch and Ryanair have already begun planning ways in which they will maintain services between the UK and key European destinations, including Faro.

Ryanair has since been working with IAG to facilitate any BMI baby passengers with bookings on flights that have been cancelled, including Derry to Faro and Dublin to Faro routes.

Expected late summer is the launch of Monarch’s new base at the East Midlands Airport, which will in turn add more flights to Faro.

Monarch is now also expanding its operations from Birmingham Airport including additional flights scheduled for Faro.

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