Filipa Pato Bical & Arinto

As I have written here before I am a great fan of the wines produced by the Pato family. Luis Pato is without a doubt the biggest champion of the Bairrada region, and especially of the Baga grape, whilst his daughter Filipa has built up her own winery and with it a reputation as another of the region’s top producers.

I would go as far as to say that the family name “Pato” (meaning Duck) on the label of any wine is a guarantee of quality.

This white from Filipa Pato is an unusual blend of the indigenous Bical and Arinto grapes, both used traditionally as varietals and often individually to blend with other varieties. Blended together in equal quantities they result here in a dry wine of mineral character with notes of lemon and lime on the nose. In the mouth it has quite some body and solid acidity but what impressed me most about it, as is usually the case with wines produced by the Pato family, is its individuality and personality.

This is definitely not a quaffing wine, but a great accompaniment to grilled fish and seafood or even to white meats. Priced at around €8 in supermarkets.

By PATRICK STUART [email protected]