Files cause upset

Kate and Gerry McCann have criticised Portuguese authorities for releasing new information regarding the investigation into the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine McCann to the British media.

The existence of a dossier of information became known during the court case between the McCanns and Gonçalo Amaral last month and private investigators for the couple then requested to see the file. In a statement on the Find Madeleine website posted on March 5, Kate and Gerry McCann say: “Events this week have yet again been incomprehensible and particularly upsetting.

“The public prosecutor in Portugal released a large number of documents relating to the investigation to find our daughter Madeleine to the British media. Disclosing such information greatly jeopardises the search for Madeleine and puts witnesses and innocent members of the general public at risk.

“It is imperative that the authorities take responsibility for sensitive and confidential information. We, together with the general public, need assurances that this will not be allowed to happen again.”

The couple then continue their statement, criticising the media coverage surrounding their daughter. Kate and Gerry McCann state: “We also urge each individual working for the media to consider their own personal responsibility, to put commercial interests aside occasionally and to bear in mind the potential consequences of their actions.”

Kate and Gerry McCann were in Lisbon on Tuesday, March 9, to meet with their lawyers.  During the visit, the couple reiterated their feelings regarding the disclosure of information to the press during an interview with Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas.

Gerry McCann urged the press not to disclose any further leads as it “could be very bad for our private investigators,” said Gerry McCann.