Figurative artist

João Paulo Nascimento Gouveia, a figurative artist from Saint-Etienne, is exhibiting his art in Barringtons during June. He was born in France to Portuguese immigrant parents. As a young boy, his dreams were about fantasy, super heroes and super powers. From an early age, he would copy every comic from every magazine and comic book.

For Nascimento Gouveia, life, death and creation are present in every aspect of life in the Universe, which he expresses clearly through his work. All the paintings on display have different frames, colours and shapes. All of them are made using different techniques – acrylic, watercolour, oil, oil pastel, dry pastel, charcoal and graphite. Most of them represent a duality by the use of black and white. His pieces can be seen at Barringtons, in Vale do Lobo, every day from June 1 until June 31.