Fighting ludicrous new rules for small businesses

Dear Editor

I have lived, and worked, here owning a small business for 10 years, paid my taxes without a quibble till NOW. On January 1, new laws are being implemented for all small businesses. The first thing that we have to do is topurchase a new cash register at the staggering cost of €2,000, which will have a USB port fitted so that it can be checked monthly by the tax authorities. We are already being taxed 80% on our income.

The next ludicrous rule is that we have to purchase a factura book at the cost of €50 with only 50 receipts in a book. Small shops that sell small items like wool, screws, etc at 50 cents are out of pocket by having to supply a factura. This is not running a business, this is fiscal madness. In a recent meeting held to discuss these new fascist rules, it was declared that all farmers would have to count how many potatoes they would plant in their field, so that the government could assess how many kilos of potatoes they could charge tax on. I kid you not!Tens of thousands of small shops, cafés, music shops etc. are closing down because of this madness.

The corporate scambaggers are working hand in glove with the government officials who want all small businesses to close, therefore, lining the pockets of the monsters who want it ALL.

I am personally saying No to this government who is sabotaging its own people and wonderful country, all in the name of corruption.

We ALL have to support our small cafés, shops, farmers, markets, honey makers, and many more valuable small businesses, otherwise Portugal’s sovereignty has gone forever.

If any business people out there have had enough and want to say no to this government madness, let’s get together and visit the local mayor en masse to discuss our grievances.

Howard Scott Parkin

Almancil – 289 356 441 | 919 968 768