Fighting for his iPhone

A man from California, US, tracked down his stolen iPhone after he conducted his own investigation.

Using the ‘Find My iPhone’ app to track down the device, Kenneth Schmidgall from San Diego was led to Torrey Pines State Beach, where a man riding a bicycle appeared to be the likely culprit.

“I saw the gentleman on the bike and we followed it and kept tracking it and every time it would stop, the guy on the bike would stop,” Schmidgall told KGTV-TV.

Schmidgall, a 26-year-old construction worker, had lost the phone while attending a reggae concert.

Schmidgall and his roommate cornered the man on the beach and called the police. After a fight that lasted 18 minutes, Schmidgall managed to get the alleged thief on the sand and hold him there.

The man was taken into custody and Schmidgall was reunited with his phone.