Fifty thousand leave agriculture portugal

Fifty thousand leave agriculture

Never have there been as few farmers working in the agricultural sector as there were last year. According to new data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), 50,000 farmers and producers turned their backs on the land in 2013 – but the government appears to be unfazed.
In a statement to TSF radio station recently, the Ministry of Agriculture justified the decline as a “cyclic decrease”.
Assunção Cristas’ office also explained that “less employment does not mean less productivity” and that data proves the point.
In terms of volume, argues the ministry, the sector grew 4.8%; between September and November exports increased 9.3%; and taking the last 13 years together, agricultural productivity has actually soared 33.3%.
The ministry remained tight-lipped, however, on what will now happen to the 50,000 forced to abandon their livelihoods.