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Fifty is not a Four Letter Word


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Life begins at 50! Well, it certainly does for Hope, though not at all as she had planned. She reluctantly hits her half-century on New Year’s Day and six months later she has lost her job, her husband and her mother. From there to rock-bottom isn’t far.

But help is at hand, and from unexpected sources. After an impromptu trip to Paris, Hope discovers that while her libido has been dormant, her sexuality is far from dead. Meanwhile, Vanessa the Undresser, local neighbourhood vamp and loathed seducer of Hope’s young son, proves an unlikely ally. Best friend Maddy, single, pregnant and forty-something, introduces Hope to a companion of the canine variety.

But it takes a life-threatening illness for Hope to suddenly feel a whole lot better. After that is seems easier to recognise what she has, rather than what she has lost.

Fifty is not a four letter word is available in paperback at 11 euros.