FIESA to hold DJ nights

The Algarve’s famous sand sculpture festival FIESA in Pêra is now featuring DJ performances and concerts on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively.

The music entertainment will take place during the months of July and August, beginning at 9pm.

The next DJ to take the stage at FIESA will be DjLiquidfire on Friday (July 10), while the next concert will take place this Saturday (July 11) featuring The Fried Fanekas, a local Blues band.

Also on the agenda are jazz, world music, classic guitar and saxophone concerts.

To see the full musical programme, visit Fiesa’s Facebook page.

Music is the theme of this year’s festival, which features sculptures of artists and musicians like Amy Winehouse, BB King, Jimmy Page, Lady Gaga, Frank Zappa, Bono, Mozart and Beethoven.

Around 40,000 tons of sand was used to bring the sculptures to life.

Tickets cost €9 for adults and €4.50 for children between the ages of six and 12 (up to six-year-olds enter for free).

This year’s FIESA will be the last to take place in Pêra. A new venue has not yet been announced.