FIESA reopens in Pêra on Thursday

The Algarve’s legendary sand festival FIESA is reopening in Pêra this Thursday (March 10) with one of the “largest sand sculpture displays” in the history of the event.

Though plans were to open a new version of the festival in Lagoa this year, organisers Prosandart postponed the idea and decided to keep the FIESA exhibition where it is due to the “interest it still attracts”, and the number of people from all over Europe who flock to Pêra to see it.

The theme remains as music, and hundreds of sculptures are being “restored” for the reopening, while some new ones – like a tribute sculpture of David Bowie, who died in January – are being created.

Sculptures on site include Amy Winehouse, BB King, Jimmy Page, Lady Gaga, Frank Zappa, Bono and even Mozart and Beethoven.

A total of 40,000 tons of sand make up the sand sculpture exhibition.

Tickets cost €9.

Opening hours are:
• March 10-19: 10am to 6pm
• March 20-June 1: 10am to 8pm
• June 2-July 14: 10am to 10pm
• July 15-September 15: 10am to midnight
• September 16-October 30: 10am to 8pm

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