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Fiesa fails to impress

Dear Editor,

We would like to register our disappointment to The Algarve Resident, being one of the main sponsors of this event, at this year’s sculptures because we consider that at least 50% are the same as last year, although the theme is allegedly different.

We visited Fiesa on May 31 on the understanding, as per the Resident, that the sculptors would still be there to demonstrate their skills.

Unfortunately, they were not there, which was a further disappointment, and some of the sculptures were in need of the sculptors’ attention.


Editor’s note: Dear reader, we asked FIESA to respond to your comments. Tânia Pêcego from Prosandart, organisers of the sand festival, said: “As was publicised in several media, Fiesa held sculpting demonstrations between April 15 and May 31. For internal reasons, the demonstrations had to stop a few days earlier than expected due to the installation of electrical equipment (i.e. lighting for the summer nights).

Some of the sculptures and areas that have remained from last year will be used for demonstrations taking place during July and August so that more visitors can observe the artists at work.

Regarding the “attention” that some of the sculptures need, we have been unable to repair them due to the recent adverse weather conditions. Heavy rainfall and strong winds would inevitable cause some damage. We thank you for your visit and hope to have been able to explain the situation.”