Fierce promotion campaign initiated abroad

THE ALGARVE Tourism Association (ATA) has launched a 1.5 million euro campaign to promote the Algarve region in Spain, Germany and Holland. These countries are three of the most important tourist markets in the Algarve, and it is hoped that, with the campaign, more people will choose to holiday in the region.

In Spain, nearly a quarter of the total invested money will be used for radio broadcasts as well as newspaper and internet advertisements. The promotion campaign highlights the proximity of the Algarve to Spain and emphasises the various bus routes from Madrid, Galiza, Andalucia and the Basque Country into the region.

The ATA will spend 690,000 euros targeting Germany’s cities, using the press and radio, as well as a website,, where visitors can find out information about the region and flight availability.

In Holland, 424,000 euros will be spent on advertisements, and a series of ‘pull-outs’ about the Algarve will appear in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Viva.