Fewer Scottish visitors

Dear Editor, 

Just a quickie to say how  much I enjoy reading the Resident online in bonny Scotland.

It is one of the best online newspaper sites I have ever viewed and keeps me up to date with all the latest news, so well done.

We come to the Algarve at least twice a year when we stay in Olhos D’Água – have been coming now for almost 30 years so as you can imagine have seen some pretty drastic changes to what was once a tiny working fishing village.

I think there will be a down turn in Scottish visitors this year due to the demise of the Globespan company, which always had fair flight prices.

Since they went bust, prices have rocketed as the greedy remaining operators hike their prices. In the past, we never paid more than £300 for the two of us – yes at times I wish we lived near the London airports – but right now I cannot get flights out of Glasgow for much less than £600.

To give you an example of current price, 13th March for 14 nights two Easyjet tickets cost £582 from Glasgow – same from Gatwick £288.

Thomas Cook 14th March for two weeks tickets cost a whopping £624. Easyjet 10-24 April two tickets £676 – the same from Gatwick £206. 

Anyway, hopefully a decent flight price will crop up soon and we will get back to our much loved Algarve – in the meantime keep up the great work with the paper.