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Festive fashion – look your best

THE FESTIVE season is the perfect time of year to really make an effort and become a bit of a glamour puss. People rarely dress up for any occasion these days but Christmas is the exception.

So why not have a really good look through your wardrobe and pull out something that hasn’t seen the light of day for a while? Wow your friends and family and get some lovely photos taken of you all glammed up. You won’t regret it!

The perfect way to really feel sexy and glamorous is to put on a frock, and this season there’s plenty of lovely styles in stores to choose from. If you’re a little uncomfortable getting your legs out, then you’ll be pleased to know that opaque tights are one of the must haves this winter – so you can happily go as short as you dare.

Many Hollywood stars have been seen sporting feathers… yes feathers… this season, so if you can get hold of a slinky gown with a dusting of feathers on the neckline, the skirt or even the sleeves, you’ll be up there with the glamour pusses of the world! Apparently, though, feather boas are a no no. But, hey… it’s Christmas (almost) anything goes!

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Prom dresses are perfect for Christmas, and they also happen to look fantastic paired with black opaque tights and high heels – as high as you can take them.

Ruffles are also big this season, whether they are seen on dresses or simply on a little clutch bag, look out for one of the party staples.

Everyone loves a bit of sparkle during the festive season, so anything over the top featuring sequins, glitter, satin, silk, even lurex (but not an old ABBA number, of course!) will look fabulous for any Christmas party.

Why follow the fashion police this season? ‘Tis the season to be merry isn’t it? So have a lot of fun with your clothes and be brave, be imaginative and be bold this Christmas.