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From August 19 to August 28 – FATACIL 2005- Lagoa Fair of handicrafts, tourism, agriculture, commerce and industry at Fatacil precinct. Music shows with: Cristianne Sollari, Martinho da Vila, Iris, Quatro Cantos, The Gift, Xutos & Pontapés, Tony Carreira, Vanessa da Mata, João Pedro Pais and Carlinhos Brown. From 4pm to 1am. Shows start at 10pm. Call: 282 353 453 www.fatasul.pt/html/fatacil_2005.html

August 20 – VII Festival de Folclore de Olhos de Água (7th Olhos de Água Folklore Festival) at Fishermen Plaza, Olhos de Água. From 7.30pm. Call: 289 599 500

From August 20 to August 28 – FolkFaro International – Os Ritmos do Mundo (World Rhythms). Shows at Passeio da Doca in Faro. Call: 289 825 527 or 966 049 355 www.folkfaro.com

From August 25 to August 28 – Dias Medievais (Medieval Days) at Castro Marim Castle, Castro Marim. Call: 281 510 778 or e-mail: expediente@cm-castromarim.pt

Until August 31 – 9th Algarve ‘Tasquinhas’ Fair (typical eating and drinking) in Estombar at the Fairs and Exhibitions Park from 7pm to 1am. Call 289 420 030