Festival of folklore and mountain banquets

news: Festival of folklore and mountain banquets

SALIR IS to play host to a double jamboree of traditional celebrations in August, when the parish welcomes the second Festival of Folklore in conjunction with the fifth Mountain Banquet Festival.

The Folklore Festival will present several groups from around Portugal dressed in traditional costume, who will perform a variety of shows from traditional dance to Fado. One of the principal participants will be the Grupo Etnográfico da Serra do Caldeirão (Caldeirão Mountain’s Ethnic Group), who, with a 70 strong troupe, will perform an ethnographic retrospective of mountain life since the beginnings of the 20th century. The group have already promoted the Caldeirão region via their shows throughout Portugal and abroad in Paris, performing the traditional dances and songs of Portuguese emigrants.

Meanwhile, the Mountain Banquet Festival, which runs in parallel, offers traditional Caldeirão gastronomy, including traditional dishes such as chicken and wild boar, a dazzling variety of mountain desserts and sweets, and a liberal pouring of home-made wine and medronho.