Festival Jardins do Marquês 2023

Festival Jardins do Marquês returns to Oeiras

The third edition of the music festival is back from June 27 until July 5, with international headlining acts.

The Festival Jardins do Marquês returns to Oeiras at the end of next month with big international headlining acts. As in previous years, the music festival’s third edition will take place next to the Marquês de Pombal Palace in Oeiras, between June 27 and July 5.

Described by the organisation as “a sophisticated Music Festival experience, designed to awaken all the senses, in an iconic location, aimed at an audience that favours quality and comfort and seeks new experiences”, the festival is back with an international line-up including Joss Stones, Pink Martini, Maria Bethânia and Michael Bolton.

Each evening of entertainment will consist of four concerts performed on two outdoor stages, with “national and international artists who embody the event’s spirit”.

Tickets can be purchased through the festival’s website and at official ticket offices.

Festival line-up

June 27

Main Stage: Michael Bolton (opening act – The Lucky Duckies)

Nortada Stage: Jorge Fernando, Soraia Tavares

June 28

Main Stage: Sara Correia (opening act – Flamenco Passion Show)

Nortada Stage: Ciganos D’Ouro, Acácia Maior

June 29

Main Stage: António Zambujo, Camané and Ricardo Ribeiro Cantam Brasil (opening act – Israel Fernández and Diego Del Morao)

Nortada Stage: Viva O Samba Lisboa, Nuno Lanhoso

June 30

Main Stage: Liniker (opening act – Bala Desejo with guests in the “Bala Baile Show”)

Nortada Stage: Young Dionysus, Roberta Sá

July 1

Main Stage: Maria Bethânia (opening act – Pierre Aderne)

Nortada Stage: A Cor do Som, Diana Castro

July 2

Main Stage: Pink Martini feat China Forbes (opening act – Três da Manhã da Renascença: Fora de Horas)

Nortada Stage: Olavo Bilac presents “Celebrar José Cid”, Picas

July 5

Main Stage: Joss Stone (opening act – The Black Mamba)

Nortada Stage: Tiago Nacarato, Milhanas