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Festival at the fort

By DAISY SAMPSON daisy.sampson@algarveresident.com

A weekend of reggae, ska and funk will be taking place at the first Sunset Fest to be held in Sagres.

The mini festival, to be held on June 12 within the walls of the fort from 6pm and on June 13 from 8pm in Sagres town, will feature bands including The Pepper Pots from Barcelona, Oioai and Funkd’Jam from Portugal.

Organiser Diogo Vasconcelos told the Algarve Resident: “This is a small festival suitable for everyone to attend.  Families with children can enjoy the sunset session earlier on in the evening while there will be an opportunity for others to party until 3am.”

The evening within the fort can only cater for a maximum of 2,000 people so festival goers are advised to book their tickets in advance.

Although this is the first time the event will be held in Sagres, it follows four successful editions of the festival previously held at Arrifana, Aljezur, and will combine the same eclectic mix of musical genres as found at the Arrifana Sunset Fest.


Festival organisers not only celebrate great music during the shows, they also place environmental issues high on the agenda and encourage all festival goers to clean up after themselves and be aware of their impact on the environment.

Diogo Vasconcelos said: “The bands are all very happy to speak to the crowd and encourage them to tidy up after themselves.  Normally, after an event, we leave the area actually cleaner than it was beforehand!”

Pre festival parties are currently being arranged across the Algarve allowing tickets to be bought before the day, with a party on June 11 at Warung, Sagres, and others to be held in Lagos, Alvor and Aljezur to be confirmed.

Tickets to the festival can be bought on the door on the evening of the festival for 12 euros. Alternatively, they can be purchased at one of the pre-festival parties or reserved via email at sunsetfest09@gmail.com for 10 euros per ticket.

For further information about the festival, please visit www.myspace.com/sunsetfest09 (in Portuguese only) or call Diogo Vasconcelos (English speaker) on 918 102 898.

30 free tickets for Algarve Resident readers

Thirty lucky readers will be able to visit the fantastic Sagres Sunset Fest for FREE by simply taking along a copy of the Algarve Resident when arriving at the festival.

The first 10 people to produce a copy of the Algarve Resident edition of May 29 will gain free entry to the festival.  More free tickets will be available for the first 10 readers producing a copy of the Algarve Resident edition of June 5 and another 10 tickets will be up for grabs for those with a copy of the June 12 edition of the paper.

This offer is limited to one free ticket per person. Multiple copies of the paper in exchange for tickets will not be accepted.