Fértil Festival Olhão

“Fertile” Festival brings population closer to nature

Between October 5 and 7, Olhão is hosting a festival in a bid to rebuild the connection between humans and their ecosystem.

Between October 5 and 7, the FÉRTIL Festival in Olhão will aim to “reconstruct the connection between humans and the ecosystem that surrounds them”, offering a diverse set of enriching experiences that explore ancestral and contemporary knowledge, said the MÔÇES Association.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore topics such as permaculture, organic mushroom production, natural pool construction, and the art of ceramics, as well as conservation projects around the Ria Formosa, among many others, through workshops, lectures and film screenings dedicated “to themes that connect us with our origins”, says the organisation.

The festival spans three days, will start every day at 16h00 and take place in the idyllic setting of the Chalé João Lúcio, providing “an immersive experience in complete harmony with nature”.

At nightfall, musical projects by Matheus Paraizo, Jhon Douglas, Peter Gabriel Duo, Iris Jhoner, and Carol, integrated into the landscape, “will add a unique sound dimension to this celebration”.

In addition to the enriching experiences and captivating music, FÉRTIL participants will be able to enjoy a variety of vegetarian and vegan gastronomic options, explore the “Artists & Fleas” market selling unique products and witness some “live painting” by Associação Artitude Urbana and the artist from Olhão SEN.

FÉRTIL is a free and inclusive festival, open to everyone, as are its activities, workshops and lectures. “FÉRTIL is not just a celebration. It is a call to action. Its purpose is to educate, inspire and empower participants to take concrete steps towards a more conscious and sustainable life”, concludes the organisation.

Visitors can also stay overnight at the Parque Campismo de Olhão for around €6.40/night.