Ferragudo facelift

Dear Editor,

Most Wednesdays I go to the square in Ferragudo to have coffee with my friend.

I was very alarmed to hear this Wednesday that it is planned to dig up the old calçadas in the streets that lead into the square and replace them with large concrete paving slabs. Similar to those they used in Carvoeiro.

We spoke to one of the restaurant owners and they also believed it to be the case.

We all agreed that if it was true, this would completely destroy the character of this lovely quaint village that many people adore.

I said that I would try and find out some more information to see if it was true.

So I bought the Algarve Resident (last week’s edition) and I saw that there was an article on page 21 entitled ‘Ferragudo undergoes €110,000 facelift’. Included in the article is a reference to ‘repairs to pavements’.

Does anyone know what this is going to entail, because I am sure that many people would be horrified if the calçadas were dug up and replaced by concrete paving slabs.

I know they can be very slippery when it’s wet but could they not be dug up, turned over and then replaced on a better foundation?

Jennie Vaughan

Editor’s note: Dear Jennie Vaughan, We asked Lagoa town hall to explain what type of pavement would be used in the Ferragudo works. A spokesperson said: “The calçadas will be removed in order to replace water and sewage pipes. They will be placed again on the sides of the street, with a central lane paved with porous concrete slabs.”